Why Finance at a Dealership - Hutchinson, KS 

Buying a new car is a major investment, and it isn't something any driver should do carelessly. Financing at the dealership has plenty of benefits, ranging from pure convenience to thousands of dollars in savings. Check out these great reasons to finance a new vehicle at Midwest Toyota!


Most financial institutions, like banks and credit unions, close around the same time as most places of work. That means it can be difficult to get approved for financing, especially if your only free time is after work.

Fortunately, dealerships often operate a few hours after most stores have closed. Since you can visit a dealership in the evening, it's possible to get approved for financing faster than if you have to wait on a lender's response.

Not only are dealerships open into the evening, but they also provide the car you want and the financing you need in the same place. That means you can visit the lot, pick a car, and get approved for financing all in the same day!


Did you know that dealerships often have the best deals on new vehicles? If a new model is coming out soon or a dealership has too much stock, they may offer incentives to move vehicles off the lot. These incentives can add up to thousands in savings.

Manufacturers often offer incentives on new vehicles by cutting interest rates, making the first few monthly payments, and reducing the price of a model. These incentives make it easier for drivers to get financing for a new vehicle without compromising their needs.

Financing Options

Financing at a dealership means you have plenty of options when picking a lender to work with. By working with a dealership finance department, you can apply for a loan at multiple institutions with a single application. In doing so, you can save time that would otherwise be wasted filling out an application for each lender.

Since dealerships have a working relationship with numerous financial institutions, you can compare loan offers and pick the one that's right for you. You can quickly compare the interest rate, loan length, and other contract terms in one place. Once you've picked a financing option, you can accept the offer as quickly as it came through.



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