Caring For Your Toyota Vehicle's Tires | Hutchinson, KS 

Properly maintained tires help ensure safe travels. If the tires on your Toyota are wearing thin, showing signs of damage, need to be rotated or upgraded, you can trust the Toyota Service Advisors at Midwest Toyota to assess the situation and get you on your way as quickly as possible.

Tire tread

Tires play an essential part in safe driving - they literally connect you to the road. In harsh weather, you need your tires to grip the pavement well to help prevent hydroplaning. When off-roading in your Toyota 4Runner, your tires need to navigate rough terrain. To help achieve safe passage over any surface, your tires have to maintain adequate tire depth. If you are concerned the tread on your tires isn't sufficient or to double check that it is, stop in at Midwest Toyota.

Tire pressure

Tires perform an integral role in how your Toyota vehicle drives, brakes and burns through fuel. It's important to regularly check the pressure of your tires. Proper inflation will help prevent your tires from going flat or suffering from a dangerous blowout. Refer to your vehicle's owner's manual for the recommended inflation levels for your Toyota model. Extreme weather can cause your tires to be temperamental, so monitor them even more closely when the temps are high or low.

Problem signs

Unusual noises are a sign something is wrong. If you hear a thumping noise or feel excessive vibration, or more vibration than usual, your tires might be in trouble. If your calls pulls to one side, your tires might be damaged or need a realignment.

Tire service at Midwest Toyota

Most mechanics can care for your tires, but if you want a technician specially trained on your Toyota vehicle, trust Midwest Toyota. Our Toyota Service Advisors will answer all your questions about caring for your tires, address your maintenance needs, and when necessary, help you choose the right tires for your Toyota.

Contact our service department at Midwest Toyota in Hutchinson, Kansas, to schedule an appointment with a service representative.

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