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Wichita is the largest city in the Sunflower State, and as such, it's rich in culture, history, and things to do. This city is just an hour away from Midwest Toyota in Hutchinson, Kansas. Our team is proud to call it our neighbor - and it's one of our favorite places to visit, too.


Wichita is located along the Arkansas River, where archaeological evidence shows that humans settled as far back as 3000 B.C. The city is named after the Wichita people, who were some of the first people to inhabit the area. Over the years, the area has seen the arrival and departure of many different cultures and groups, and in the late 1800s this area of Kansas experienced a boom in its population from immigration. This led to the opening of today's Wichita State University and Friends University.


A new economic boom occurred in the early 1900s with the discovery of nearby oil and natural gas deposits. This new income put Wichita in position to invest in the airplane industry, which helped the city to expand even more.  


Today, Wichita is a bustling city with lots to see and do. The Wichita Art Museum is the largest museum in the state, with over 7,000 works in its collection. The Ulrich Museum of Art is part of Wichita State University and features almost as many works in its modern and contemporary collection. Wichita is also home to Botanica, a 17.6-acre botanical garden with themed gardens like the Rose and Wildflower Garden and the Sally Stone Sensory Garden. Another Wichita highlight is the Sedgwick County Zoo, one of the biggest and best zoological parks in the United States. Wichita is also a regional shopping and dining destination, home to several unique shopping districts and a wealth of restaurants for every taste and budget.


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